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To debug your service, follow these steps: To run your service and attach a debugger session to it, open the command palette (press Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P or click View > Command Palette ) and.

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Go to . Debug > Open. consider the graph of quadrilateral abcd what is the most specific name for quadrilateral abcd. VSCode and Docker. Depending on what you're studying, you need to set breakpoints, or print debug instructions to see the result of your investigation . Docker can be fully integrated in VSCode, by using this extension: ...
Restarting VSCode would allow me to debug again. Removing the faulty dependency (i.e. fixing the code, as suggested in the other answer), allows the debugging process to close, although the Debug Console message still was confusing: Debugger listening on ws:// Debugger attached.
Whenever I want to launch VS code's debugger, it runs for a second or two and then
Debugging using F5; Closing the file, the folder, VS Code itself, reopening it and trying again; Uninstalling and reinstalling the julia extension; Uninstalling and reinstalling VS Code; Uninstalling and reinstalling Julia; All of the above while using Linux Mint. After all that I decided to restart my computer and initialize it with Windows 10.