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A trinket or talisman. This template is really simple, but it saves you time for creating loot for each goblin. The details can usually be improvised for things that you need to speed up. For example, the trinket could be a fang necklace or a carved bone - easy to describe, but fulfilling to the setting. To enhance the template further, you.

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Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For Town, Villages and Countryside. Civilised Encounters Non-Combat Encounters for civilisation and inhabited areas such as rural villages, rugged farmland, prosperous towns and cosmopolitan cities. Backwaters of empires, small kingdoms or rising city-states.
Non-Combat Swamp Encounters: 1d100 Random Wilderness Encounters When using these tables for a journey through the wilderness, let your players pick the encounters
Oct 15, 2021 · 200 Non-Combat Encounters From Peter Kuna ADD TO WISHLIST > PDF $ Suggested Price $1.99 Average Rating (6 ratings) "200 Non-Combat Encounters" is a detailed set of ideas in a 44-page book that are meant to be resolved without rolling initiative. The book contains 10 environmental themes, with 20 encounter ideas each.
51) A man is trying to sell a set of old boots. He is hoping to get top money. 52) A young man is practicing his juggling skills. He is hoping to be very good at it. 53) A couple is