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Simply by virtue of their compact styling, the S12 achieves a very comfortable, low-profile fit that is stunningly normal for an exotic driver type. Usually, planar magnetic earphones are large, hulking devices but the S12 is smaller than most single-DD designs and, therefore, would be a good choice if you have smaller ears.
I recently procured moondrop variations after considering blessing 2 and everything between 200-500 simply for the love of sub bass. It is the art of music which most completely realises this
Moondrop x crinacle Blessing2:Dusk; Fearless x crinacle Dawn; Hoodies; Buyer’s Guide. IEMs. All budgets; Under $100; Gaming Headphones; True Wireless; Important Articles. How to Read Graphs; The IEF Evaluation System; My Musical Tastes; Thoughts on: Burn-in; Thoughts on: Power; Graph Database. IEMs & Earphones; Headphones. GRAS 43AG-7; EARS ...
The Moondrop KATO offers a narrower stage because of early treble rolloff. It is slimmer in the bass and the upper midrange but still comes across as not less shouty. It also lacks richness in the lower midrange, a full orchestra's crescendo comes across as somewhat lean in comparison. The S12 excels in resolution.
Nov 10, 2021 · Yes. At $220, there are no caveats here that make me hesitate to recommend the 7Hz Timeless.You might even be able to find it on sale for even cheaper if you look around. Fit and comfort works well for me, its tuning is balanced and easy-to-listen to, and the Timeless’ sound presentation is thoroughly enjoyable.. "/>