Inverse Proportion The value is said to inversely proportional when one value increases, and the other decreases. The proportionality symbol is used in a different way. Consider an example; we know that the more workers on a job would reduce the time to complete the task. It is represented as: Number of workers ∝ (1/ Time taken to complete the job). "/>
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in· verse (ˌ)in-ˈvərs ˈin-ˌvərs 1 : opposite in order, nature, or effect 2 : being an inverse function inverse sine inverse 2 of 2 noun 1 : something of a contrary nature or quality : opposite, reverse 2.

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reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect Synonyms : reverse opposite in nature or effect or relation to another quantity "a term is in inverse proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other decreases (or increases)" inversenoun something inverted in sequence or character or effect
35 % in inverse proportion to their gross domestic product (purchasing power standard per inhabitant). EurLex-2 He calculated that the speed of the earth varied in inverse proportion to
The meaning of INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL is related by inverse variation. How to use inversely proportional in a sentence.
मराठी विज्ञान शब्दकोश Meaning of 'Inverse proportion' in Marathi 'Inverse proportion' चा मराठी अर्थ शब्द: Inverse proportion उच्चार: इन्व्हर्स प्रपोर्शन अर्थ: व्यस्तप्रमाण अधिक माहिती: दोन चलांमधील प्रमाण indirect किंवा व्यस्त असल्यास एका चलाच्या मुल्यात वाढ झाल्यास त्याच प्रमाणात दुसऱ्या चलाच्या मूल्यात घट होते.