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use this tool for machining all Twin Cam. heads 1999-up for compression releases. Installs on front or rear head, with or with-. out valves installed. Order threaded tap. tool and compression releases separately. VT No. Item. 16-1169 Compression Release Tool. 16-1170 Threaded Tapping Tool.

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seal body squarely rests against the crankcase bore. 2. Select the appropriate protection device for the end of the sprocket shaft based on your engine. TC-88 based engines, thread the sprocket shaft cap No. 775-2(4) onto the end of the sprocket shaft finger tight. TC-96 based engines, slide the sprocket shaft plug No. 995-3(3) into the end of ...
Position nut (5) with flanged side facing transmission sprocket (4). Turn the nut counterclockwise to install it onto main drive gear (3). Using MAINSHAFT LOCKNUT WRENCH, Part No. HD- 94660-37B, and a torque wrench, tighten the nut to 50 ft-lbs. 8. See Figure 2. Scribe a line on the transmission sprocket.
BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is specifically designed to target your crankshaft seals for repair. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is a non-particulate chemical sealer that will restore your crankshaft seals to ...
Parts for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle - Harley onderdelen - Harley Ersatzteile - Pi�ces d�tach�es Harley - Harley parti - Harley delar - Harley deler - Piezas de Harley ... Fork seal installation tool 35mm slider - JIMS : usa: 65.00: 53.72 R 2046: ... Sprocket shaft seal installer, Sportster '86-'94, Buell - JIMS : usa: 85.00 ...