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It is incredibly important that the DSG transmission in an Audi TT Mk2 is serviced regularly. If the owner/seller does not have the complete service history for this work be very.

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I THINK that if you remove the oil filler cap with the engine running and the engine starts to run rough it's a good indication of a fault with the PCV. Something to get looked at ASAP. You could get a CEL light on the dash pretty soon. datamonkey Registered Joined Jan 23, 2012 1,945 Posts Discussion Starter · #5 · Sep 2, 2014 igotone said:
high idle rpm/rough idle because the pcv valve controls the airflow between the crankcase and the intake manifold, a broken pcv valve can have the same symptoms as an intake air leak, which can cause the idle rpm to get too high and other strange idle behaviors like very rough idle i think this symptom has alot of variables to consider (fuel
I've got a surge in the engine rpms when starting or touching the throttle, and it's generally idling rough. (No codes show in VCDS at this time) . I've checked and re-checked my air hoses multiple times and found no leaks visually/manually/audibly. My initial research suggests the PCV is a common culprit.
The Haldex Performance Part will greatly improve the performance and handling of your Audi TT (8N) Quattro or Volkswagen MKIV R32. The kit consists of a new electronically controlled valve body, gaskets, and necessary hardware. By re-tuning your vehicle's AWD system, power is more aggressively directed to the rear wheels under a wide variety of.
Sold per injector Using cheaper universal single cone spray pattern injectors on VW/Audi multi-intake valve heads, such as the 16v and 1.8T's will give you poor fuel atomization, rough idle, or even a CEL (check engine light).