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When an infinitive is used with another verb, the pronoun or pronouns can be attached to the infinitive but don't have to be. In such cases, the pronoun or pronouns can come before or after the verb+infinitive. In the following examples, either form is acceptable: Lo quiero comprar. Quiero comprarlo. (I want to buy it.).

Covering the unknown in the Ohm's law image mnemonic gives the formula in terms of the remaining parameters. It can be adapted to similar equations e.g. F = ma, v = fλ, E = mcΔT, V = π r 2 h and τ = rF sinθ.When a variable with an exponent or in a function is covered, the corresponding inverse is applied to the remainder, i.e. r = √ V / π h and θ = arcsin τ / rF.
The Spanish preterite tense is used to describe actions completed at a specific point in the past; whereas the imperfect is used to describe habitual or continuous actions in the past with no specific beginning or end. For more on preterite vs imperfect tense, read here. How To Conjugate Irregular Preterite Verbs In Spanish
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Here are some examples as well as the endings you need to use when you want to conjugate reflexive verbs in past tense: Cambiar se Dormir se Poner se Preterite Endings Once you have identified the endings that you need, use the following phrase structure: (Subject) + [personal pronoun] + [verb conjugated] Ayer me dormí muy temprano